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Water,Sanitation AND Irrigation Engineering

This section mainly deals with water supply, distribution and reticulation, drainage, sanitation, irrigation and pollution control. It also deals with geo hydrological and meteorological surveys and data processing. The scope of the services encompasses feasibility studies, preparation of master plan, preliminary and detailed design, documentation, tendering, construction supervision, contract administration as well as monitoring and evaluation. For water works, this generally includes intake works, pumping stations, treatment works, trunk and distribution mains, storage facilities, etc. For sewerage works, services are offered on selection and design of the most suitable treatment process and design of trunk and secondary distribution sewers for collection and disposal of sewage and effluent. Land drainage entails collection and disposal of storm water, flood mitigation as well as general wastewater management in rural and urban areas. The section utilises computers equipped with suitable software for design and drawing work to achieve an efficient, fast and economical service to clients.